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BBS Tournament Wordle: Downloads

Latest version is 2022.11.5 (2023.01.17 for MSDOS)!
Updates: Added MSDOS compile. By request there is now a setting in the config file for the winner message when the word is guessed correctly. Along with previous update - Wordle guesses with multiple same letters now color correctly like the original game! That was probably the biggest request, and I'm glad it's updated. There's also a config file now that sets the idle time limit for the user and if the door checks to see if there's an update available. There is also now a way to check all scores from a particular day which helps to see player comparison for a specific word.

Previous Updates: Daily Scores fix, user name of player logged in shows in yellow on previous score screens, and the first ever (probably) "new update available" alert in game when a new version comes out. These all can be released, run, shared, etc, and is released as freeware. If you want to let me know you are running the game is some form, I'd like to know just because that's cool. And if you want I'll add you to the list of boards running it. Every board will have different daily words so they will all be different.